The Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC) Fund was established in  1995 to help members control their long term workers’ compensation  costs. Owned and operated by its members, the ABC Fund offers the same  protection as an insurance company. With claims management specific to  the construction industry and lower expenses, the Fund passes the  savings back to its members. The ABC Fund has returned millions of  dollars since its inception. The ABC Fund, like many highly successful group self-insured funds, allows both small and large businesses the opportunity to realize the savings.

  • Owned and controlled by members
  • 74% of eligible West Michigan members participate
  • Members, NOT the insurance company, receive profits
  • Rewards safety by returning profits based on your own track record
  • Allows only the best operators to participate
  • Board of Trustees comprised of ABC Fund memberS

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  • Competitive Rates - due to better risk selection. Only those with a proven record of low losses qualify!
  • Better Claims Service - Settlement authority rests with the Fund. The decision making board is comprised of members, just like you!
  • Safety & Loss Control Services - specifically designed for the construction industry.



Tim Bazen
Bazen Electric, Inc

Paul Hoekstra
Hoekstra Electric

Andrew Mercer
R.W. Mercer Company

Dave Mollitor
Consolidated Electrical Contractors

Spencer Roed
Multi Drywall & Partition, LLC

Jack VandeGuchte
Sobie Company, Inc