Usually hosted in January, the MiOSHA Construction Safety Breakfast brings together MiOSHA leaders to recap the construction industry’s annual safety performance and data, and provide a forecast of priorities and focus for the year to come.


In November, during election years, Political pundit, Bill Ballenger of “The Ballenger Report” presents a forecast of national, state, and local races, including judicial contests. Bill is a frequent commentator on Michigan politics and government for a broad array of media outlets nationally and internationally. 


In May, the Employment Law Seminar showcases specialists from ABC member, Miller Johnson, who provide updates on changes in employment and health care law that affect ABC businesses and employees. This can be especially insightful after an election.


Held in December, this event is great for those looking to gain insight into what to expect from the year to come. This presentation is given by Anirban Basu, chief economist to Associated Builders and Contractors and chief economic adviser to the Construction Financial Management Association.