Jimmy Greene


We act as an influential voice for the industry as a whole, representing the collective voice of our members in the community, with the media, and with governmental/political entities.

When ABC members in Michigan band together we have powerful political voice! In Lansing, ABC of Michigan lobbies for sound legislation to increase opportunities for our members in the areas of training, safety, business and labor practices on a local, state and national level. ABC also educates our members on the current political front and promotes the ever-strengthening grassroots activity of our members by providing tools to educate members and their employees. What goes on in the halls of the Legislature effects your bottom line and ABC is there fighting for you, your business and the Michigan construction industry.

Whether it is local, state or federal; we all are affected by legislation and government regulation. One of ABC's key benefits is to protect your right to operate in a Free Enterprise Economy. Your dues help to represent you at the federal, state and local levels by allowing us to hire professionals who represent the industry to our elected officials and protect your right to do business.

ABC is a volunteer organization and your political involvement is the key to the success of our efforts. Your help is essential in getting our messages to the various levels of government. Whether it is volunteering to meet with an elected official or contributing to the ABC Political Action Campaign your efforts and contributions allow ABC to help you stay in business and continue to be successful. The reality is –“Get into Politics or Get Out of Business”.

To learn more about ABC of MI political advocacy please contact Greg George