West Michigan Construction Institute


The West Michigan Construction institute (WMCI) was created through an ABC/WMC initiative to help address the need for, and to fill, the talent pipeline the industry has been experiencing, and will continue to experience, for years. Declining birth rates and an aging workforce have only widened the workforce gap that ABC members, and the skilled trades alike are facing. ABC/WMC has partnered with Grand Rapids Community College (GRCC) for over 50 years to provide training and education tailored for ABC members. Now, with the creation of WMCI, all three organizations (ABC, GRCC, and WMCI) will be partnering to develop the next generation of construction professionals by providing NCCER training from industry expert staff and a balance of hands-on and classroom instruction, all in a brand new, state-of-the-art facility.


Jen Schottke


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Jasmine Weston

Education & Training Manager

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BJ Wells

Director of Curriculum & Lead Instructor

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Jordyn Willick

Administrative Assistant

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ABC Members are eligible for a WMCI tuition discount. For more information please contact Jasmine Weston