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Issues Impacting ABC Members

ABC WMC works hard to advocate for members on issues that impact the way you do business. After all, we believe in the merit shop philosophy, which includes basing success on a contractor’s abilities, not on their political affiliations. To ensure everyone has an equal playing field, we’re currently focusing on the issues listed below.

Right-to-Work Repealed

We support your right to work. The repealing of Michigan’s Right-to-Work (RTW) law impacts our ability to operate on the principles of free enterprise. This change will affect both businesses and employees. It limits worker freedom and negatively impacts our state’s competitiveness, which could prevent new businesses and developments from choosing Michigan over other options.

Michigan’s Prevailing Wage Law is Back

ABC led an initiative to repeal our state prevailing wage law, but now it is back, and with more teeth this time. It requires contractors and trade contractors to pay prevailing wages and fringe benefits on state-funded construction projects. It increases project costs and limits opportunities for merit shop contractors of all sizes. There are also new fines for errors and non-compliance.

Fair and Open Competition Act Targeted for Repeal

ABC supports the Fair and Open Competition Act, which currently prohibits government-mandated Project Labor Agreements (PLAs). This ensures all contractors have an equal opportunity to succeed. Repealing this act would lead to less competition and higher costs. It would also favor unionized contractors over merit shop contractors.

Changes to Independent Contractor Laws

Proposed changes to independent contractor laws could make it more difficult to contract work with trade experts in the construction industry. In turn, this could lead to increased costs and complications when it comes to management workforce needs.

Easier Unionization

For decades, the National Labor Relations Board has recognized the secret-ballot election as the preferred method for employees to determine if they desire union representation. That changed, with the Board making it easier for unions to secure recognition based purely on union authorization cards and a simple demand for recognition. This change shifts the balance of power in labor relations and could potentially impact the principles of free enterprise that underpin the merit shop philosophy.

Federal ABC Priority Issue Briefs

The ABC Priority Issue Briefs outline ABC’s stance on crucial industry issues, from labor and employment to regulatory reform, and infrastructure investment. Learn more at the link below.

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