ABC STEP: Safety Management System

Protecting the Industry

STEP Safety Management System

Your people are your most important resource. Is your safety program protecting them? Are you measuring its impact? How do you know if you are improving year over year?

ABC contractors created the STEP Safety Management System to provide you with a framework for measuring your safety data and benchmarking your performance. The self-assessment tool identifies real opportunities for scalable growth in your safety program to better protect your people and those working with you on project sites. 

Data shows that those companies utilizing STEP have, on average, 40% fewer total recordables than the industry average. Let’s make construction safer together!

MIOSHA supports the ABC’s STEP program and overall efforts towards eliminating workplace injury and illness in the construction industry.

Barton G. Pickelman, CIH, MIOSHA Director
Presenters speaking at the ABC West Michigan: Safety Breakfast event

ABC STEP Journey

ABC members who implement STEP follow this process:
  1. Analyze your safety and loss program
  2. Learn the best practices that reduce TRIR, DART, and EMR
  3. Benchmark your safety record against similar companies and industry averages
  4. Measure improvement from year to year
  5. Show your safety commitment to potential clients and insurers
ABC further incentivizes STEP participation by requiring all ABC Top Performers and Accredited Quality Contractors to hold at least a Gold STEP standard.

Benefits of the STEP Program

The STEP program provides members with:
  • An organized approach for analyzing and developing safety and loss prevention programs
  • A 26-point guide to starting, updating or auditing a company-wide safety program
  • A method to incorporate indicator safety performance data with leading indicator use and self-assessment requirements to give a full, wide-ranging report on the entire nature of a company’s Safety Program
  • A program that’s designed to benefit both large and small contractors alike
  • Recognition for ABC members at both National and Chapter level, with various recognition events held throughout the year
  • The potential to be recognized as an Accredited Quality Contractor
  • Eligibility for ABC National Safety Excellence Award and Construction Users Roundtable (CURT) – CISE award (for STEP Diamond and Platinum recipients)

STEP creates an opportunity for deeper conversations between our team members, from top leadership to trade professionals, to help us develop a plan of action to implement best practices and continuously improve our safety program.

Casey Veersma, Town & Country Group