Lindsay Kronemeyer

Vice President of Member Development

Meet Lindsay Kronemeyer, the dynamic force behind our Membership Development at ABC. Lindsay’s journey with us began in 2022 when she took over the reins as our Membership Director. In less than a year, her keen insight and unwavering dedication propelled her to the position of Vice President of Member Development.

Lindsay oversees the membership engagement experience in her current role, ensuring that every interaction reflects ABC’s values and commitments across all mediums. Her passion for the merit shop philosophy, deeply rooted in free enterprise and open competition, resonates in everything she does.

Lindsay is not just known for her professional acumen, but also for her personal attributes. If asked to describe herself in one word, she would choose ‘determination.’ This trait fuels her drive to achieve excellence and fosters a spirit of collaboration within the ABC team.

Her official and critical role as Integrator is instrumental in keeping the team focused and on task.

Joining us at ABC means getting to know Lindsay – a leader who is as committed to her team as she is to her work, and who embodies the spirit of determination in every challenge she undertakes.